Chloe Laureyns

Chloe is originally Belgian but was born in Spain, she has always been into sport and has been a trainer and class instructor for 8 years. She loves traveling and have lived in various places but now feels quite settled in London. She currently works as a private personal trainer in London and Geneva and spin instructor at Digme and Fitness First. 
Favourite BBA piece: Zip Up Hoodie
Instagram: @bodiesbychloe

Ale Alvarez

Ale Alvarez
Ale is originally from Mexico, but is now a London based group fitness instructor who organises local events to encourage more people to get active. She loves motivating her participants, training, eating healthily and wearing lycra.
Favourite BBA piece: 26.2 leggings
Instagram: @fit_crowd

India Morse

India Morse
India is a London based fitness fanatic who loves to push the barriers of the fitness world for deaf people everywhere. She was born profoundly deaf but hasn't let that stop her backpacking around SE Asia, India and China or following her passion for keeping fit and experiencing the many different gyms and fitness classes around London. Travelling helped her decide to use fitness and health blogging to inspire others and to show that she does not let her deafness define her.
Favourite BBA piece: Boom Bra
Instagram: @youleanmeup