An interview with Triathlete, Libs

We spoke with Libs, Triathlete and PT at Lomax about her journey to racing and everything around it. She gives great advice for anyone thinking about entering their first race or looking to improve on their best time. 


How did you get into being a Triathlete? When did you first start competing?

I completed my first triathlon in summer last year. I come from a running and hockey background at national and international level but since moving to London hadn't been competing, I think this had suppressed my ridiculously competitive nature, so once I tried my first tri I knew I was hooked.


What does your typical week look like in terms of training? 

Generally I hit 14-16 hours of training a week depending on where I am in the season. This is typically 2 out of the 3 sports each day with longer more steady sessions at the weekend. I’m lucky because with my job as a Personal Trainer it means I can structure my work around my training.

Tell us about your current transition to being a professional athlete.

Oooo tough question, I would like to say I knew the answer to that but to be honest its a pretty zigzagged path. As I only started this sport last year I am still working it all out, what I do know for sure is that I need to smash out some good results in 2018 and then we shall see from there!


What has been the highlight of your career so far?

2017 for me was a massive year of firsts. I represented Team GB at the Rotterdam Age Group World Championships and finished 8th in the world having won my qualifying race. I also raced my first elite race against triathletes who competed at the olympics, this was probably the hardest race of the year but something I will be doing throughout 2018, so to race in one 6 months early was nerve racking but a great achievement. 


Tell us about a typical race day. What do you eat in the morning? How long before the start of the race do you start warming up?

Race days typically start with a very (very) early alarm. I’m a bit of a fuss pot, so I always have the same breakfast – 2 Oat So Simple porridge pots. That way wherever I am, in a hotel, airbnb or in the car, I know my breakfast is sorted. With triathlon it always takes ages to get your bike racked and ready with running shoes in your spot, so I make sure I’m there in plenty of time. Warm ups are fairly elusive, sometimes you can jump in the water for a warm up swim but I always make sure I have resistance bands with me so I can get my arms going before diving off. The afternoons of race days are always the same, a hell of a lot of water and a hell of a lot of pizza, I generally feel like I’ve been hit by a bus after I compete so there is very little movement from me post race.


What advice do you have for anyone thinking about competing in their first Triathlon?

ABSOLUTELY do it!! If you don’t, you will never know if you like it or not. I think I got my first bike about 4 weeks before my first triathlon, so seriously don’t worry about how good or bad you will be, just go out and have fun. Sign up to a sprint or even a super sprint and borrow some gear of a friend, everyone knows at least 1 triathlete as they never stop talking about being one!!