About us

Founded by Ann Johansson, a Swedish/Canadian ultra-marathon runner and gym fanatic, BOOM BOOM ATHLETICA infuses a contemporary aesthetic with performance driven activewear for women seeking a confidant alternative to large brands.

Frustrated with choosing between stylish OR functional activewear, Ann commissioned custom garments for herself using luxurious European fabrics and specialist EU factories. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from athletes and friends led to the establishment of BoomBoom Athletica as a brand.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Ann somehow survived a childhood picking berries in forests during hunting season and moved to Canada aged 14. Despite running her first marathon in a bitter November rain, she was hooked and has now run over 12 marathons including London, Berlin, New York and Boston. She was introduced to ultra-marathons by a personal trainer and earned a Bill Rowan medal at the Comrades in 2010.