BoomBoom Athletica kit; a review


How I Discovered the BoomBoom Athletica Line

By Sheela V. Pai


            When I discovered Boom Boom Athletica by chance at a boutique activewear store in NYC, I was at my wit’s end trying to find workout clothes that suited the new hybrid athlete I’d become—an always-in-beastmode fitness enthusiast who had recently started seriously training for her first half marathon.


            Yes, most women are particular about their gear, but I am especially so.  I love finding activewear with unique design elements and patterns.  As a born and bred New Yorker, however, I want them to be sleek and chic, attention-grabbing in an elegant, not loud, way.  Every time I would go to the store to check out clothes from different new designers, hoping to find the right fit for me, everything was either too eclectic or too monotone (so much black!) and just didn’t make me excited.


            When it comes to functionality, I’m even more finicky.  As an athlete who engages in a range of boutique fitness workouts, including a lot of HIIT and strength-focused training sessions at my Crossfit box, I need material that has enough give to allow me to comfortably go below parallel on my squats and to lift my knees up when I box jump, while providing just enough support up top.   At the same time, the material has to be tough enough to withstand all those vigorous workouts and being washed more than once a week.  It’s extremely difficult to find activewear that meets both those requirements; usually it’s either one or the other.


            Then when I started seriously running last year, I became obsessed with another element related to the material—compression.   I often wear leggings, even in hot weather sometimes, because I feel like the compression helps me run stronger, makes my muscles feel better under stress, and accelerates post-run recovery.  The problem I often encounter when trying out leggings for running, however, is that either they compress so much I can’t comfortably stride, affecting my form, or the material is just loose enough that I almost feel like the leggings won’t stay up during a faster run or sprint. 


            When I came across my first pair of Boom Boom Athletica leggings in the store (the last one they had left and, fortunately, it was in my size!), I couldn’t believe how perfectly it brought together all the qualities I cared about.  The combining of interesting colors (royal blue, bold red, and a touch of tan to tie it together), a design that flattered my frame, and material that felt incredible to move in. 


            The first time I wore my Boom Boom Athletica gear to a boutique fitness class, I received tons of compliments and “where did you get that?” inquiries from other fitness lovers who were also frustrated in their own search for stylish, functional outfits.  I received even more of those comments from people in my running group who coveted cool gear from a new designer, but found that none of it was created with runners in mind.  When I learned that Boom Boom Athletica was founded by an ultramarathoner/gym fanatic, it finally totally clicked why the line felt tailor made for a hybrid athlete like myself—because it was created by a hybrid athlete! 


            So thankful to have discovered this brand that finally made high fashion activewear accessible to women who want to set and smash fitness goals in style!


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