Interview: Elena Kurnosova

We spoke with Elena Kurnasova, signed to Major model management in New York and a huge inspiration to girls trying to balance working or studying with working out. We wanted to know a bit more about what motivates her to keep fit, strong and healthy.

Who is your biggest inspiration, how do they inspire you on a daily basis?
Work wise, I’m mostly inspired by the many strong independent women, who go after their goals no matter what.
When it comes to family, my biggest inspiration is my mum.

What’s the one thing you always have in your fridge/kitchen cupboard?
Aloe juice and chocolate 🙂
I drink my aloe every morning.
And chocolate…. well…. Shhhhh, we’ll keep that a secret 😉

When you’re having an off day, what keeps you motivated through a workout?
I’m not ashamed to say that I love my body, and I know that I need to workout to keep it that way. So in that respect, I am my own motivation.

What’s your favourite piece of BoomBoom Athletica kit?
The hoodie! that hoodie has travelled everywhere with me, it has come with me to events, castings, jobs… everything! You can live in it, dress it up with couple bracelets and go on event, wear in park, it’s so versatile. That hoodie is one of my all time favourite pieces of kit!

What’s your all time favourite meal? And desert?
Love seafood and fish! And as for dessert, I love milk chocolate, my favourite brand is Vosges 🙂

As a model, your schedule must be very different from week to week. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to make time to workout on a busy schedule?
Go to bed early, so that you can workout before sunrise. Or go to gym right after work, so that you can get home, have a bite to eat and sleep well. Always remember: IT’S WORTH IT!