No equipment, full body workout

Looking to shape up whenever wherever? We've put together a no equipment, full body workout for you to try at home, in the park, at the gym- wherever you want! Our ambassador Ale Alvarez demonstrates each moves and we'll give you a few instructions to go with them. Let's get started!


Warm up (6 mins)

3 rounds of:

- 30s jogging on the spot

- 30s of jumping jacks

3 rounds of:

- 30s walk out to plank (start standing, walk your hands out on the floor infant of you to a plank position, and walk them back to standing)

- 30s high knees


Workout (21-28 mins)

If this is your first time doing some of these moves, perform the moves for 30s and take 30 seconds rest. Try 3 rounds.

If you're a seasoned pro, go for 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. Go for 4 rounds.


1. High knees and punches




2. Bear crawl



3. Bicycle crunch



4. Pike push ups



5. Skaters



6. 180 Squat jumps



  Give it a go and let us know what you think! Happy training!