Scary meets glamorous - our halloween looks

Stuck for some fun halloween make up ideas? We absolutely love getting dressed up at this time of year, so we've put together a couple of looks for you to recreate at home. They're both deceivingly quick and easy, you'll see!


halloween looks


THE ZIPPED FACE (approx. 15 mins)

What you'll need:

- Red face paint (we got ours on amazon)

- Red glitter (we got ours from The Gypsy Shrine)

- Fake blood (also amazon)

- A zip (We got ours from an arts and crafts shop in London)

- Eyelash glue (also from amazon)

- Hair gel (boots)

- Paint brush


Method (you'll need two people for this one, one artist and one student):

- The student lays down whilst the artist puts the eyelash glue on the sides of the zip and sticks it across the student's face.

- Once stuck, paint the skin inside the zip with red face paint until it's completely covered.

- Then apply some fake blood and red glitter in splotches until it looks creepy enough but also glamorous.

- Once the student stands up again the zip should be well and truly stuck.



DAY OF THE DEAD (approx. 30 mins)

What you'll need:

- White face paint (amazon)

- Black eyeliner pen (amazon)

- Blue glitter (amazon)

- Day of the dead stickers (TopShop)

- Gems (amazon)

- Eyelash glue (amazon)

- Sponge (amazon)

- Hair Gel (boots)

- Paint brush

- Gypsy Shrine gems (optional)



- Cover the entire face with a thick layer of white face paint using the sponge.

- Stick the forehead and eye pieces on from the day of the dead set

- paint a little bit of hair gel inside the eye circles then with the same paint brush cover the area in blue glitter.

- Use the black eyeliner pen to do all of the detailing as in the picture.

- Apply the gems on the forehead by putting eyelash glue on the back of them and sticking them on.

- Add the gems to the chest last.