7 signs you may own too many work out clothes

  1. It takes you a ridiculous amount of time to choose what to wear to the gym.

Whether it’s a drawer (or two) or a whole cupboard of it, it’s so vast and colourful… how are we supposed to be able to choose? 

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2. You wear your gym clothes out partying

I mean, have you seen those gorgeous strappy mesh crops going around at the moment? It’s like every girl’s dream come true, sexy and comfortable all in one!

3. You can’t go shopping without entering an activewear shop...

… No matter how hard you try. Even the high street shops all make activewear now, so there are leggings everywhere we look! Made even better by the fact that now all of your friends are people you’ve met through training… so they’re right there with you!

4. You own more expensive leggings than you do jeans.

Or that we’ve even considered buying leggings that are a lot more expensive than any pair of jeans we’ve considered buying. Who wears jeans anymore anyway?

5. You figure that if you didn’t do your laundry for a couple of weeks, you’d still have some clean work out clothes to wear.

Not that this would ever really happen, but just in case! Rather be safe than sorry, right?

6. You can name the brand and style of any leggings you see on people at the gym.

And we don’t mean the easy ones, anyone can tell you that a tick or three stripes mean. It’s the logos, patterns, slogans and colours that we’ve added to our internet baskets in a daydream, those ones!

7. You figure that actually, wherever you go, whatever you do, you could probably find some activewear to suit the occasion.

Hopefully there may still be one or two exceptions… but with the right jacket and shoes, anything is possible, right? 

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