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Workout Series: Core & Glutes

Striving for strong glutes and a solid core? Aren’t we all! You’ve probably heard the line “abs are made in the kitchen” before, and whilst it is true that your body fat needs to be low for your abs to be visible, training your core will help you in all aspects of life. For example, a strong core will improve your running efficiency, reduce your risk of injury in any other sport you play as well as reducing your chances of back pain. Similarly, your glute muscles stabilise your pelvis during running and walking. Strong glutes will help improve posture as well as help your lower back, knees and hips stay free from stress and injury. We’ve put together a...

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7 signs you may own too many work out clothes

It takes you a ridiculous amount of time to choose what to wear to the gym. Whether it’s a drawer (or two) or a whole cupboard of it, it’s so vast and colourful… how are we supposed to be able to choose?  2. You wear your gym clothes out partying I mean, have you seen those gorgeous strappy mesh crops going around at the moment? It’s like every girl’s dream come true, sexy and comfortable all in one! 3. You can’t go shopping without entering an activewear shop... … No matter how hard you try. Even the high street shops all make activewear now, so there are leggings everywhere we look! Made even better by the fact that now all...

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How to set goals efficiently and effectlivey

We all know the importance of goal setting, whether we’ve adopted it as a habit or it’s something that we only do on a rare occasion. In whatever discipline, setting goals provides focus and direction. Not all goals can be long term, when you ask yourself what you want to achieve, it could even be by the end of the day or the week Not only have we curated expert advice on how to make your goal setting most effective, we’ve also spoken to 5 influential women about their goals until the end of the calendar year. Here are the key aspects to remember when setting goals of your own.   1. Define your dreams and goals Jim Rohn, considered...

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