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Workout Series: Core & Glutes

Striving for strong glutes and a solid core? Aren’t we all! You’ve probably heard the line “abs are made in the kitchen” before, and whilst it is true that your body fat needs to be low for your abs to be visible, training your core will help you in all aspects of life. For example, a strong core will improve your running efficiency, reduce your risk of injury in any other sport you play as well as reducing your chances of back pain. Similarly, your glute muscles stabilise your pelvis during running and walking. Strong glutes will help improve posture as well as help your lower back, knees and hips stay free from stress and injury. We’ve put together a...

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Best TRX classes in West London

Looking for some workout motivation over the Autumn and winter months? We’ve got just the thing for you. If you’ve never used a TRX, be warned: it doesn’t look like much, but it’s one heck of a piece of kit when used correctly. You can isolate a muscle group or get a full body workout just by using those two yellow handles. We’ve tried and tested many a TRX class in West London, and so far these have been our favourites: Core Collective - Resistance This studio’s TRX class, otherwise known as Resistance, is a 45 minute full body workout where each instructor brings their own personal flair to the session. The scene is set with a mood lit room,...

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