Best TRX classes in West London

Looking for some workout motivation over the Autumn and winter months? We’ve got just the thing for you. If you’ve never used a TRX, be warned: it doesn’t look like much, but it’s one heck of a piece of kit when used correctly. You can isolate a muscle group or get a full body workout just by using those two yellow handles. We’ve tried and tested many a TRX class in West London, and so far these have been our favourites:

Core Collective - Resistance

This studio’s TRX class, otherwise known as Resistance, is a 45 minute full body workout where each instructor brings their own personal flair to the session. The scene is set with a mood lit room, fantastic sound system and mirrors across the front wall. The TRXs hang from a beam in the middle and each person is asked to face away from their neighbours to ensure that they have enough space. Although the room is small, this setup does make it feel spacious.

Each Resistance class that we’ve participated in at Core Collective has been different, which is part of what makes it challenging and fun.


TRX class at Core Collective

Equilibrium Total Balance

This studio specialises in TRX classes, which means you’ll get tip top coaching in every class. Classes are instructed not by one, but by two trainers so that each participant’s form is being closely watched at all times.

The bank of different moves that these instructors will give you is larger than any we’ve experienced to date. You’ll be made to perform so many well thought out, challenging and interesting moves that will work your muscles in more ways than one, testing balance and flexibility as well as strength. The nature of these moves will also test you mentally, which we feel is an added bonus.


Workout studio at Equilibrium

Paola’s BodyBarre - TRX core

Don’t be fooled by the premise that PBB is only about Barre and Pilates, this studio does far more than just that- and they do it well! TRX classes at PBB stand out because of their sweat inducing mixture of core work, plyometric moves and free-weights training which makes for an inspiring twist on the classic TRX workout. This 45 minute workout will leave you dripping with sweat, but every instructor is sure to leave enough time at the end of the class to stretch out properly and recover, which is all important for our bodies in the long run.


Paola's body barre TRX class